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The ISO Navigator™ database hyperlinks the ISO 9000 principles and the ISO 9001 requirements; and explains them in plain English with practical guidance.

Interpreting principles and requirements

Ensure the availability of resources and information necessary to support the operation and monitoring of your processes. This may be through management review or other methods that define resource requirements. This is the 'Do' part of the PDCA process:

ISO 9000 Principles
ISO 9001 Bases Clauses
ISO 9001 Requirements
Systems Approach 4.1 (c) Operate 6.1 Resources
7.1 Product Realization
7.2 Customer Processes
7.3 Design & Develop
Supplier Relationships 4.1 (d) Support 7.4 Purchasing
7.5 Process Control
Factual Decision Making 4.1 (e) Monitor 7.6 Calibration


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